Solve A Mystery - Rundetårn Cph 

Price: 299 DKK (40 Euro)

We recommend: Are you a larger group of more than four adults? Buy more mysteries and you get the competition moment. The team that solved the mystery correctly and in the shortest time wins.

Players pr. group: 1-4  

Time: 2 hour

Language: Danish

Age: All. But to get the most out of it we recommend +10 years of age.

And +14 years of age without adults.

No one except the people in the group is involved and the experience takes place outdoors, so its favorable to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. 

Pick-up point: Våbenbutik Arms Gallery 

Nybrogade 26, Kld Tv. 1203 Kbh K

Opening Hours:

mon-fri 11-17

sat 11-14 

sun / public holidays - closed 


Rundetårn (CPH) 299 DDK

39,00 €Pris

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