Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Solve A Mystery experience like?

Solve A Mystery’s adventure takes place in wonderful historical and cultural settings in city centers. The adventure is self-guided, meaning that no one but you and your company is involved in this activity. When pursuing the adventure you take on the role of “Sherlock Holmes” together with your group and walk through exciting surroundings. Throughout your walk you encounter various tasks and clues bringing you closer to solving the mystery! At the end of the tour you have hopefully gathered enough information to figure out who the perpetrator of the crime was. In the concluding part you will also find out what actually happened in the real life case, such as the background to the crime and the sentence given. Hopefully your detective skills brought you to the same conclusion. All of our mysteries are based on real and authentic events.

How many people should share each mystery?

For greatest enjoyment of Solve A Mystery, we recommend 1-4 people per mystery. It is simply the perfect number of people for a world-class detective team!

What if we are more than 4 people? Then what do we do?

If you are more than 4, you should buy two mysteries. Add an extra exciting element to the experience by competing against each other! The group who solves the mystery correctly in the shortest amount of time wins.

Is it Solve A Mystery appropriate for children?

Absolutely! Solve A Mystery is the perfect activity for your family. We think that the experience is enjoyed to the fullest if the children are 10 years or older. In this way they are able to grasp the clues and tasks. We recommend that children who are 13 years old or older can carry out the mystery on their own.

I have bought my mystery, what happens next?

When we have the privilege of welcoming you as a Solve A Mystery customer, a confirmation email with your receipt and all additional information is sent to you from Please note: You need to bring the receipt/confirmation (either printed or by showing it on your phone) to the pick-up place in the city you have chosen. When showing this to the store staff you receive the mystery. Please also note that you are free to embark on the mystery adventure whenever it suits you. Once you have collected the mystery it is up to you! The address, contact information and opening times to the stores serving as pick-up places is in the confirmation and on our website.

Where do I collect my mystery? What do you mean by pick-up place?

In the different cities where we are represented, we have great collaborations with various stores that serve as a pick-up place for the mysteries. You receive all information about the store specific to you in your confirmation email, and it is also available on our website.

In what languages are the mysteries available?

Our ambition is that every mystery will be available in the national language and English. For more information, visit our website.

What is the duration of the experience?

We usually say that the experience requires about 2 hours to complete. However, it should not be rushed. Make sure to enjoy your company, the adventure and take time to pause and reflect in some of the fantastic surroundings our mystery walks you through.

I don’t really understand how this works. What does the process look like?

Our experience is based on real and authentic cases, in other words, crimes that have been committed. It is up to you and your group to take on the role of a detective/criminal investigator. You will solve various tasks and clues throughout the mystery’s self-guided tour and hopefully solve them correctly, bringing you closer to the solution. In the end it is time for you to point out the guilty perpetrator, at this moment you are allowed to open the last chapter named “conclusion” to discover the truth about the case. By comparing your conclusion to what happened in the real life case you will find out the solution and realize if your suspicions were correct. The experience requires teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills. The experience is brought to you through an envelope that you collect in our pick-up place in the city of your choice. The envelope contains all the information you need and a pencil.

Do you walk inside any place? Are there any extra fees?

No. The experience is only outside and there are no hidden or extra fees. There is also no involvement from anyone else outside of your company.

Do the mystery experiences only take place outside?

Yes, they take place outside in the beautiful urban surroundings of international cities. Does it get any better than that?

Is there anything I should prepare ahead of the mystery? Special clothes or such?

There are two things you should keep in mind. Firstly, the experience takes place outside, hence you need to consider the weather. Secondly, the tour is about 1,5-2 km in relatively flat urban terrain (not tons of stairs and hills), so a comfortable pair of walking shoes is recommended.

Can we carry out the experience whenever we want to?

Yes. After you have picked up the mystery, you can do it whenever you wish! We recommend doing it while there is daylight for the optimal experience (partly to be able to read the information in the envelope, but also to gather clues in your surroundings).

How many mysteries are there? Where are they?

Currently we operate in five countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Ireland and Scotland. Please visit the website for more information about the cities and what mysteries are available.

Are you on social media?

Yes! We are active on Facebook and Instagram. We would be delighted for you to join us on social media and connect. We view our customers as Solvemates and would love to hang out with you, follow your experiences and see the joy of you solving our mysteries! We have an active social media presence with challenges for you to participate in and interesting mysterious facts!

I would like to get in touch with you!

We answer as quickly as possible via email, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.